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Tyler Ellis, Dapper Dummies, Ventriloquist, Ventriloquism, Figure Maker, Builder

      Tyler has been a fan of ventriloquism most of his life.  It all started when his mother bought him a toy dummy for his eighth Christmas.  There was just something about this ancient, quirky art form that had him hooked.


      As he grew into his teenage years, the love for performing ventriloquism was replaced with his fascination with figure making.  He loved the mashup of artistry, mechanical engineering, and craftsmanship it takes to make these complicated wooden puppets.  In 2005, Tyler was introduced to professional ventriloquist and master figure builder, Greg Claassen.  Their friendship quickly grew, and Greg became his mentor in the art of figure building.  After spending several years honing his craft and building a clientele, Tyler launched Dapper Dummies and began his full time figure making career in 2016. 


      One of Tyler's favorite aspects of his career is working from home and being an involved dad.  When he isn't in the workshop or office, he can usually be found spending time with his family.   He is also very passionate about his faith, and helping others find freedom from addiction through sharing his personal story of restoration.

A little aboutTyler

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